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Name:Anon Rising: A Flight Rising Anonymous Meme
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1. No personally identifiable information. No real names, pictures of people (yes, even if they're posting selfies, this isn't on topic and not what we're here for), phone numbers, addresses, or anything reasonably close to this. (Usernames are totally fine.)
2. No porn, shock images, etc.
3. Try to stay reasonably on topic. (The topic is Flight Rising. The game. Not anyone's lives outside of it.)
4. No harassment/encouraging people to harass others/anonrising is not your personal army. This means don't touch the poop - don't go to the person being wanked about here and goad them into seeing or responding to the wank threads, don't harass them.
5. Do not post links to exploits of Flight Rising's system. This includes bots, black market links, and Stylish scripts. (Yes, Stylish is usually cosmetic, but they're still considered bannable offences on FR, so don't link to them. )
6. "Official" threads- IE, the ones usually linked on the main body of a post, are created by mods. If one isn't in a post, don't make one yourself.
7. No wank/threads about criminal content per this announcement on May 18, 2017.
8. No "Hi X" threads. You're on an anon community, you don't have proof.
9. Don't do some stupid thing that requires us to make more rules.

Note: There is no rule about staying anonymous. People deanon plenty for giveaways and the like. I highly discourage logging in to respond to wankers and criticisms, as this will only open up a shitstorm for everyone all around, but it isn't against the rules.

Flight Rising belongs to Stormlight Workshop, no claim is made here to any of their graphical elements.
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